The Best Protein

Whey protein- last 2- 3h after consuming 

  •                 could contribute to reduced nitrogen retention
  •                 fast digestion

Casein- last 6h after consuming

  •                 results in higher nitrogen retention and less oxidation.
  •                 Slow digestion

Soy protein- medium digestion

  •                  antioxidant/inflammatory activity
  •  effectively stimulates post exercise FSR and overall muscle accretion

A study by Reidy PT, Walker DK, Dickinson JM, look to see if a blended protein source could out do whey protein.

The blended protein was composed of 50% protein from sodium caseinate, 25% protein from whey protein isolate, and 25% protein from soy protein isolate

The study took 19 participants (17 were male and 2 females ranging from ages 18–30) for this double-blind, randomized, clinical trial. The participants were not engaged in any regular exercise training program

Participants consumed either whey protein or the blended protein 1 h following exercise.

The study found that in the total BCAAs the Whey protein had higher peak spikes then the blended protein, but the blended protein was able to stimulate protein syntheses for much longer period then the whey protein and the blended protein was higher than Whey after 180mins after ingestion.

Just because Whey protein digests faster then the blended protein doesn’t mean it’s better. Because whey digests so quickly it can cause fewer amino acids to be absorbed into the muscle. Because casein is a slow digesting protein more amino acids can be absorbed and use by the body. Milk has a better absorption rate then whey or casein protein but if you are lactose intolerant a blend of whey and casein can be they next best thing.


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