Circadian Rhythm

When is the best time to train?

When is the best time to train for the best results?
When it comes to optimizing your training your probably thinking about your workout program, your nutrition timing, and hopefully the amount of quality sleep you get but what about thinking about the best time to train?
If you have the luxury to choose when you can train then the best time to workout would be 6 to 9 hours after waking up, if you are like most people who wake up around 8am then the best time for you to train would be around 4:30pm to about 8pm. Why 6 to 9 hours after wakening up? According to your circadian rhythm, your internal clock that regulates your biological activity within a 24-hour period, your testosterone is highest at night which is very beneficial for muscle growth and your cortisol levels are the lowest at night. Cortisol is bad for muscle growth because it reduces muscle protein synthesis. Your cortisol levels are higher, and your testosterones are lower when you first wake up.
By training later in the day, you may be able to improve your performance in the gym. Better performance equals better gains.